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Since the age of 15 Tahüm wanted to be a music producer but he felt he wasn’t ever good enough. So he went to school for sound engineering to search for validation and make his dreams a reality. After graduation, he got a job on The John Lennon Educational Tour bus and traveled the country touring with some of the biggest names in music. During those years he experienced the dark side of the music industry and how artists get objectified and exploited for capital gain. This really made him question his intention because he didn’t feel in alignment with the industry, so he gave up on that dream.

But he never stopped producing music, yet he was doing it for the visions of other artists instead of his own. Years passed until Tahüm read the book “The Artist's Way” by Julia Cameron, and realized he was a shadow artist. That realization came as a result of always feeling limited and not feeling good enough to share his truth and sound. 

Tahüm sought mentorship to expand beyond what he could do on his own. This was a crucial moment – sitting in shadow to integrate the fragmented parts of Self that stifled his veracity.

That’s when Tahüm was born. The purpose of the project is to channel and share art even when there is doubt or fear. To embody truth, and to speak from a place of love and integrity. To be a part of a growing conscious music industry and community that is now emerging.

Tahüm uses love as fuel to produce music, play drums, and DJ. His sound fuses electronic, r&b, and world-bass music to guide audiences on sonic journeys of metamorphosis with depth and emotional contour. 

His mission is to connect with audiences in the moment and to expand consciousness and awareness through self-exploration. 

Tahüm is a mantra. It means “Thank you, I am enough.”

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