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Maestracci is a hybrid project crossing electronic music and video. A mixture of the senses inviting to dreams and nostalgia.

Nurtured in pop, trained in acousmatic, electro-acoustic and contemporary music, the producer Maestracci will draw from his Corsican roots ancestral values ​​such as the sharing and transmission of memory.

The padded atmospheres intermingle with more synthetic rhythms, Maestracci's music is the colorful fusion of impressionist melodies with binary pulses sometimes groove, often pop. As if the divisions between musical genres no longer existed.

It is for this reason that Maestracci collaborates with artists from all backgrounds. After working with the plastic artist / graphic designer Ferdi on the EP “Restless Illusions” (2019), he composed with the singer Ëda Diaz on the single “Mi carcel” (2020), with the artist Reine-Claude on the EP "Jeune" (2020) then with the singer RaeAgwe on the track "September" (2020)

Each title is illustrated with a video mixing "home movies" from archives with more graphic elements. Bold and captivating montages that leave room for reflection. Supporting the viewer's perception without orienting it, Maestracci opens the doors to his universe where everyone creates their own story.